In my spare time I pretty much sit in my room alone and watch films or whole T.V series in one night. So I though you might want to watch some good programs as well as films.
here's some of my favourites:

Freaks and Geeks ~ 1999-2000 

The only bad thing about Freaks and Geeks is that there's only 18 episodes! 
The best thing has to be James Franco...

Awkward ~ 2011-......

The bad thing about this program is it makes me realise that I am a loner!
But it's so funny! I want to be Jenna! And then of course there's Matty...

2 Broke Girls ~ 2011-.....

The problem with 2 broke girls is Caroline's voice, but you get used to it after a while!
I love 2 broke girls, it's hilarious! I just love Earl he's just so cool.

Anything Top Model

I live in Britain so I watch Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model and America's Next Top Model and the only down side is that one girl that just gets on your nerves. And of course all the crying gets annoying too.
But I love watching it and I don't really know why.... But there's always a new season in some part of the world!

Adventure Time ~ 2010-...

Okay so I guess the bad thing about this is people might judge you.... because it's a kids program, but it's so good! I want a Jake the Dog! And a Gunther of course! It's a bit weird and strange but addictive to watch.

Friends ~ 1994-2004

Must be one of the greatest T.V programs of all time. It was perfect! Friends is one of those programs that even if I have seen every single episode I can still watch them over and over.

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