Saturday, 20 July 2013

Never Been Kissed

A film about a journalist (Drew Barrymore) that is finally chosen to write an article for the Newspaper but has to go back to her old high school, as a new student, to get research.
Probably one of the most unrealistic and least believable films of all time. Would a 25 year old really pass for 18? Plus some of the hair, make-up and clothes worn in this film are absolutely shocking. However, for some reason I still seemed to enjoy it (after getting over how annoyed I was at the whole plot) and thought that there were some funny parts in it and the ending was pretty perfect. Plus, I just love Drew Barrymore after seeing her in Charlie's Angles. So I guess I would recommend it because it was funny and sweet and is a good late night, easy to watch film.

Watch it!

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