Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Kick Ass 2

After Big Daddy was killed, Kick Ass joins a group of super heroes/normal people to fight crime but because of Hit Girl's promise to her dad she doesn't join. While this is happening though Red Mist/Chris/ The MotherFucker is plotting against Kick Ass for killing his dad.
I absolutely loved the first one (even though it was a lot more violent than I thought it would be) so me and my friend were SO excited to go see the second one the day it came out! We had decided that it couldn't be as amazing as the first one but it would still be good. We were wrong though. It was DEFINITELY just as good as the first one because it had the perfect cast, Union J's video, topless Aaron Johnson, and of course crazy super villains. I would probably do anything to be Chloë Moretz, because she is amazing and gets to be with Aaron Johnson and always looks good. Plus Hit Girl is just perfect. Anyway it was a really good film that you should definitely try to go and see some time.

Watch it!

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