Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Oz The Great And Powerful

A not very good wizard it swept up in a storm in a hot air balloon and lands in an enchanted world. Here he meets 3 witches all battling between each other. Set before The Wizard Of Oz.
This film has James Franco in it. Do you need anything else? Also Mila Kunis is in it so I really liked the cast of the film. This is like Monsters University in that I love that it was a prequel and was telling the story before the story we all know. This was so much better than Monsters University in that way though because all the way through the film there were just little things that hinted towards parts of the original film. Like when the wicked witch cries and it burns her face, water burns her. I really loved all the tiny details. It has some really great characters in it as well so it was a really amazing film with some great scenery/backgrounds.

Watch it!

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